Single full denture (Upper / Lower)

Sometimes only one denture is required; whether it’s to replace an existing worn denture or simply because the wearer has no remaining natural teeth on one jaw or vice-versa. Under these circumstances, a replica model would be made of the side that still has natural as reference for the denture teeth to be set against. An impression would also be made of the opposite jaw and the colour/shade of the natural teeth will be matched and recorded. After a few days, a bite registration is done to record: the relationship of the upper and lower jaw, the lip profile, the smile line and midline of the teeth. Once all these are recorded on the wax bite-blocks, the denture teeth are set onto a “dummy denture” according to the information and adjustments are made after the patient has had a chance to try it on and commented on the appearance of the denture.

Before the denture is finalized, it is very important to let The Denturist know what you like or what you don’t particularly like. That way the adjustments can be easily done on the dummy denture instead of trying to modify the finished final denture.

If there was a smile you were once proud of, bring a photograph of it and perhaps…just perhaps…It could be reproduced onto your denture!

The working time from start to finish varies between individuals but a good 1~2 weeks is necessary to finish the denture and a few more visits if necessary to adjust and make the denture comfortable.

The above is only a brief and casual description, for a hassle-free consultation come visit us at The Denturist.