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Implant dentures

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Implant dentures

Partial dentures are normally retained in the mouth via clasping of undercuts on tooth/teeth and supported by the adjacent teeth or gums below.

A full top denture can most of the time achieve a good seal around the denture periphery to produce suction. The hardest type of denture retention is more than often the lower denture, as the lower jaw is U-shaped and sometimes very skinny and shallow which reduces the effective surface area available for a stable lower denture. On top which the lower denture has to deal with the tongue and cheek muscles that move around all the time. The denture wearer may experience extreme frustration and difficulty with the denture.

Though implants are not the silver bullet for everything and everyone, it does improve the situation greatly! An initial consultation will be conducted by The Denturist and a referral will be made with reputable Dentists and Oral-maxillofacial Surgeons to thoroughly formulate a treatment plan that will have the highest chance of success. A minimum of two implants on the lower jaw can be the difference between frustration/grief and comfort/relief.

If a conventional full upper denture isn’t stable due to a damaged pre-maxilla (bone of the upper jaw from eye-tooth to eye-tooth region) and the a layer of flabby gum causes the denture to move around excessively, treatment options formulated by the Dentist and Oral-maxillofacial surgeons may include tissue reduction and implants to improve the outcome of the dentures.

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