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Denture Repairs

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Denture Repairs

“I was just eating a piece of toast and…”

“…there had always been a faint dark line”

There are many reasons why a denture may break. The most common types of fracture for a full denture is straight through the middle of the denture or individual teeth breaking off from the denture itself.

If the denture is ill-fitting and loose, then there are bound to be gaps between the denture and your mouth. Some factors include excess loss or gain of weight, teeth extractions up to 6 months before OR after the denture being made. Consequences are that when you bite down, the areas of the denture that are unsupported by the mouth by making contact, can flex and eventually snap.

Partial dentures tend to break at the junction where the denture works around a natural tooth or group of natural teeth. That part of the denture is the weakest link and can easily flex too much and break. The likelihood of an ill-fitting partial denture to break is even greater than an ill-fitting full denture and the result of a repair is also often not as desirable.

Usually, a 5~10 minute free-consultation will be offered to determine what is required and what can be expected. If the repair is feasible, then it will most likely be completed within half a day.

If you require a repair, please give us a call and enquire. Alternatively, be adventurous and just walk in to have a chat with us at The Denturist.

If you currently wear a partial denture, chances are you may lose another tooth or multiple teeth further down the track. When the time comes, plan it! We can often add the tooth or teeth onto your existing denture prior to the extractions. A good idea is to plan it with your dentist. If it isn’t planned properly, you may end up having the extractions done NOT KNOWING that the additions can now only be done 7~10 days AFTER your teeth are pulled out.

The benefit of adding to an existing denture is that the bone shrinks after the root has been removed. If you let the shrinkage and healing process take place on an old denture, you can make a more accurate new denture once jaw bone is healed significantly (usually 6months later, but 9~12months is even better). The time that you wish to wait is up to you.

Shorter time =greater chance for more change in the bone = pay for a reline to “tighten denture”

Longer time = lesser chance for more change in the bone = greatly reduce the need for a reline

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