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Denture Relines Wellington

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Denture Relines for loose dentures or recent tooth extractions in Wellington

When a denture feels loose, drops when talking or “floats around” in the mouth or there is a gap between the denture and the gums; getting the dentures checked is a very good idea, especially if you want to avoid embarrassing social moments.

You may also find that food begins to accumulate under the denture and becomes unpleasant.

By ignoring the above mentioned, the denture is subjected to an increased risk of cracking or breaking and can hurt your mouth. The reline process usually takes up to one day. However, if you’ve only had a recent extraction (less than 4 months) then you may want to hold off the thought; simply because your jaw bone may still be healing and shrinking.

Wait time:

Shorter time (<4months) =greater chance for more change in the bone = pay for another reline to “tighten denture”

Longer time (>6months) = lesser chance for more change in the bone = greatly improves the success of a reline

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