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Free Denture Consultation and Denture Referrals Wellington

Don’t know where to start? Come have a consult with us to discuss any concerns you have with your current dentures.

It is normal for denture teeth to wear down and the fit to loosen over a period of time. However, if you think they are wearing down or becoming loose excessively in a short period of time then you may want to get it checked out.

Have sore gums or achy, sensitive or loose teeth? We recommend that you contact your dentist first to find out the cause and plan the treatment accordingly. If you are a partial denture wearer, we can do an assessment for you and refer you to reputable dentists locally with a Certificate of Oral Health (COH); should you require natural tooth/teeth to be pulled out and replaced with a denture tooth onto your existing denture.

In the event that you require all your teeth removed, we will also refer you with a COH for the dentist to conduct a full examination and provide a treatment plan for immediate dentures.

Once the COH has been completed by the dentist two most common scenarios can eventuate:

  • With your consent, The Denturist will make you the full dentures before the extractions are done. Once the dentures are finished, you are recommended to make an appointment with the dentist that completed the COH for the full extraction, also at that appointment the dentist will fit the dentures in directly for you.
  • Your mouth will feel tender and perhaps sore. It is important to note that over the next 6~9 months, your jaw bone and gums will gradually shrink as it heals. The dentures become relatively bigger and will be loose. A reline consultation appointment is recommended to discuss options available to “refit the dentures”.
  • With your consent, the specialist will complete the removal of remaining teeth and recommend you wait at least 10 days before returning to The Denturist to begin the denture fabrication treatment. The same healing and shrinking process of the jaw and gums will apply and a reline is also recommended after 6~9 months.


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