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Denture Cleaning Wellington

Dentures are different from natural teeth, and therefore require a different cleaning procedure. It does not really benefit from brushing with toothpaste like your natural teeth. In fact, the polishing action of toothpaste which is great for your enamel will damage the surface layer of your dentures.

Dentures should have a high luster polish from day 1, the polished surface makes it more difficult for bacteria and stains to adhere which reduces the amount of germs on your dentures. It also makes it easier to clean.

By soaking your dentures in generic tables such as Polident, Steradent or any other brand that advertises themselves being able to clean your dentures is fine. But you should also use a SOFT tooth brush to gently clean the surfaces of the denture with the soaking solution after the recommended time.

At The Denturist, we would also recommend the use of baby’s bottle cleansers: Milton’s sterilising tablets, available at supermarkets and pharmacies. With a dose of  ½ tablet every other day.

If you experience heavy staining and calculus formation, come for a free consultation and The Denturist can recommend other ways to deal with the problem. Sometimes it’s got to do with your supplements/medications that cause an increased production of calcium in your saliva, in which case you will need to consult your physician.

Cleaning can take up to a full day, depending on condition of dentures.

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