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Denture Adjustments

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Denture Adjustments

Dentures sometimes wear down unevenly and cause one or a few teeth to make contact earlier than the rest of the denture teeth. This can create an uncomfortable movement of the denture and can cause rubbing on the gums and result in an ulcer. 

Uneven wear can cause you to push your jaw out to compensate for the mismatched bite and over time it can cause jaw problems and even difficulty eating. If left alone this can become a vicious cycle of bad jaw-positioning and speed up the wearing down of the denture.

Aside from adjusting the denture from the teeth, adjustments can also be done to the extensions of the dentures. If for some reason the denture feels like its cutting into your gums all the time or the denture jumps up and down with the slightest of tongue or cheek movement, then you may need to come for an assessment to find out if the extensions are too long or too short.

Once the extensions and bite accuracy is checked, we will discuss your options with you. The process usually takes less than one day.

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