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Anti Bruxism Splints

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Anti Bruxism Splints and Night Splints 

Have you woken up with sore or achy jaw-joints?

Does your spouse wake up in the middle of the night because you’re grinding your teeth together so loudly?

Or have you noticed for yourself that your natural teeth are being ground to smithereens?

Perhaps it’s time to inquire about the types of treatment options available at the dentist and once the proper diagnoses is complete, The Denturist can help you make the appropriate appliance to reduce the damage done to teeth and jaw-joints as well as relieve muscle tension during sleep.

Because the splint is an acrylic material, the teeth would glide over and grind/bite onto the splint as opposed to critically damaging the health of natural teeth over time.

Daily accumulated stress and psychological stress factors could also be attributable to the cause and manifest into the involuntary adverse grinding and clenching activities. It is best recommended to consult your physician and or dentist for a diagnosis.

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