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We believe everyone is entitled to a great smile

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We believe everyone is entitled to a great smile

With our help a great smile is easier than you think! We are passionate about helping patients achieve better oral-health.

The Denturist has been providing quality and professionally made dentures for years. The variety of services include competitive sports mouth guards, snore guards, anti-bruxism night guards, acrylic/cobalt chrome removable partial dentures.

High-end treatment options such as implant over-dentures are also available; we only refer our customers to highly reputable Oral Surgeons and Dentists in the Wellington region for consultation, treatment planning, implant placement and maintenance.

It doesn’t always have to be expensive work! We will look after you even if it’s just a small crack in the denture or a tooth came off the denture; they can usually be repaired while you wait.

What’s even better is that your consultation fee goes towards your final treatment cost.

James Chang

Registered Clinical Dental Technician

I am originally from Taiwan and my family moved to Auckland. Being bilingual is something I have to thank my parents for.

University of Otago – Dunedin was where I studied, trained and qualified as a Dental Technician. I love the combination of crafting and evidence-based knowledge behind what I do. After my Bachelor’s degree in Dental Technology I then proceeded to complete a Postgraduate diploma in Dental Technology…then a Postgraduate diploma in Clinical Dental Technology.

I still remember when I first started my career, my old boss saying to me “I want the people that come through here to achieve more for themselves when they leave”. I’ve always kept that in mind and I’m hoping to pass on that encouragement someday in the future.

Operating The Denturist has been one of my best personal and professional developments to date.

When I’ve had a busy day I know my lovely wife, toddler and our pretty cool dog are always there for me when I get home. I enjoy a good workout session to keep fit and stay active.

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