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The Denturist has been providing quality and professionally made dentures for years. The variety of services include competitive sports mouth guards, snore guards, anti-bruxism night guards, acrylic/cobalt chrome removable partial dentures.

High-end treatment options such as implant over-dentures are also available; we only refer our customers to highly reputable Oral Surgeons and Dentists in the Wellington region for consultation, treatment planning, implant placement and maintenance.

But it doesn’t always have to be expensive work! We will look after you even if it’s just a small crack in the denture or a tooth came off the denture; they can usually be repaired while you wait.

At The Denturist

We provide insurance quotes

Accidents happen. Come for a free  assessment and we can help submit  a report to your insurance company  for approval.

Require a WINZ quote?

We understand We understand  dentures may require replacing  at the worst of times. If you  qualify for WINZ funding support,  let us know and we can help you  submit a quote for approval.

We work with you

 At the end of the day, you’re the one  wearing the dentures. The dentures  won’t be finished without your  approval. Let us take care of the rest!

Denture related oral-health awareness

There may be little things that you’re  doing which is damaging for your oral  health and dentures. What could they  be? Book in a free consultation to find  out!